What furniture we take…

The places we deliver to are small, and often have difficult access (several floors up, narrow stairs, twisty corridors). People with nothing need basic furniture. So we take smaller furniture.

Standard and small double beds
– divans or fames (not king size)
Standard and small double mattresses
Standard and small single beds
– divans or frames or bunk beds
Standard and small single mattresses
Chest of drawers
– maximum 6ft (1.8m) high, maximum double doors
Bedside drawers, cupboard

Sitting room/kitchen:
– up to small three seater – maximum width overall 2m (6ft6in)
Coffee table (small)
Table (to eat & do homework at)
Chairs (for the table)

Pictures of furniture

To contact us about furniture donations
call: 07599 396111
or email: Furniture Friends


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