Parish Council

Clerk to Datchworth Parish Council
Tina Hassan
Tel:  07956 88 99 33

The role of the Parish Council
Datchworth Parish Council was formed in 1894 and is the most local level of government for the people of the Parish.   Its ten councillors are responsible for maintaining the green spaces, play areas and allotments of the parish.   As owners of the village green, Turkey Farm recreation ground and common lands the council are responsible for maintaining the vegetation on these areas.  The parish council work closely with East Herts District Council and Hertfordshire Council Council (including Highways) to ensure efficient maintenance of the village.

Datchworth Parish Council meetings are held in the All Saints Church Hall on the 4th Tuesday of most months at 7.00pm, however, there are exceptions click programme of meetings for full  schedule.
Residents are welcome to attend the meetings but do not have an automatic right to speak. If you wish to put a point to the meeting, please contact the Chair or Clerk of the council at least 3 days before the meeting.

Click here for list of councillors and their responsibilities.
Click here for the programme of meetings for the current year.
Click here for  Agenda for next mtg  – 25 Feb 2020

Finance Agenda – 10 March 2020

Click here for Minutes of previous meetings.

Click here for Finance & Planning Report – Finance & Planning Reports combined – Feb 2020

CLERKS monthly report – FEB 2020

Click here for Appendix to BUDGET SUMMARY – 20 Feb 2020

Click here for Appendix – Financial Regulations Policy (NALC Model 2016)

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Click here to view Datchworth Parish Council Policies.
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Chair of Datchworth Parish Council:
Mrs Viv Marshall
Hoppers End, Bramfield Road, Datchworth, SG3 6RX
Tel: 01438 813284  Email:

District Councillor:
Tony Stowe
25 Brookbridge Lane, Datchworth, SG3 6SU
Tel: 01438 812327 (home)

County Councillor:
Ken Crofton
Creeps Mead Cottage, 48 Burns Green, Benington, SG2 7DA
Tel: 01438 869650

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