opinions please: Nutcroft Play Area and Open Grass Land

Nutcroft Play Area and Open Grass Land

East Herts District Council (EHDC) are actively trying to arrange leasing of all existing green open spaces within the rural villages through out the District.

This is mainly due to the fact that EHDC do not have a budget for play equipment in the rural villages.

Going forward we have 2 options that we would welcome residents views on, this would have been a subject at the APM, however because of Covid-19 this has had to be cancelled.

Option 1

  1. We do not agree a lease with EHDC and continue to be paid by EHDC to cut the grass as we do currently.
  2. EHDC will then remove all the play equipment at their cost and reinstate the area to grass. This is because EHDC do not provide playground equipment in rural villages.

Option 2

  1. We agree a lease with EHDC on a peppercorn rent and they will continue to pay us for grass cutting until end of 2020. Starting from 2021 the Parish Council will need to cover the cost of grass cutting, tree and hedge maintenance. This will equate to approximately 50p per month per household based on band D of our Council Tax.
  2. The Parish Council will keep the Play area on the existing site.
  3. The Lease will allow the Parish Council to improve and repair all the play equipment as and when the money is available.

Please email your thoughts to: clerk@datchworth-pc.gov.uk

Thank You: Datchworth Parish Council

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