You may have had a card posted though your door recently offering help if you find yourself needing to self isolate during this period of the coronavirus outbreak. It is good and right that neighbours should help one another and we are pleased to have seen much goodwill.

We would like you to know that this is neighbourly assistance and not an official scheme run by the parish and therefore ask that you think of precautions you may take in the handing over of money or bank details should you need someone to shop on your behalf.

We suggest that you let a family member or close friend know that you will be giving money to others. We also suggest if you hand over a bank card that shopping is limited to £30 so that it can be used with the contactless facility and therefore you do not need to reveal your pin. Please do ask for receipts and check against your bank statement.

We also suggest that you remain conscious of the risk of infection from others. Please do not invite anyone into your home. Shopping should be left on the doorstep and there should be no physical contact with the deliverer. 

This advice is not meant to alarm, but simply to protect. We are lucky to live in a neighbourhood with such a good community spirit. We realise these are difficult times for all of us, but know if we support one another we can make it more bearable until normal life resumes.

So please do make use of your neighbours and offers of help should you need to. If you are without any help from family or neighbours and are needing to self isolate, then please do contact Emma Norman on 07891 553131 who will put you in touch with someone who could help with simple errands or a phone conversation to lift the spirit. Thank you also to all of those who out of kindness have shown care to others. It’s greatly appreciated.

                                          Viv Marshall, Woody, Susannah Underwood

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