Green Aiders: garden clearance for vulnerable resident during pandemic

During this unprecedented and challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic Groundwork’s ability to help those in need has been restricted. That said, where possible, Groundwork is continuing to help and support the local community. Although most of the Green Aiders work has been temporarily paused Groundwork was still able to help a vulnerable resident with his overgrown garden. This resident who suffers from severe COPD is particularly high risk if he were to contract the virus, which means he is self-isolating and therefore reliant on home deliveries.

Royal Mail had refused to deliver his post because his garden was considered unsafe to enter. It was clear that there could not have been a more important time to clear his garden to ensure he had access to all the food, medication and deliveries he needed. Thanks to funding from a Hertfordshire locality budget Groundwork cleared his garden and the resident was overwhelmed by the difference. This helped to improve both his mental and physicall wellbeing as well as reducing his feelings of isolation. Creating access like Groundwork has enables emergency services to save lives.

“I am absolutely gobsmacked, I just can’t believe it! I am so grateful, thank you so much.” Said the resident.

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