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Autumn 2023

Thank you for your contribution, whether it is money or time.  It enables us to help so many families and individuals at low points in their lives.  They are referred to us by caring agencies, such as Social Services, HavenFirst, and Barnardos.  More than 50 staff from those caring agencies use our service.

On average each month we are able to:

  • Collect and deliver 56 items of furniture

Which involves:

  • Collecting from 13 donors
  • Delivering to 12 recipients

The trend is changing.  We are now contacted when people are moved out of hostels into permanent accommodation.  We are delivering a van load to a single property.

  • One third of our deliveries are more than five items
  • The maximum so far is 24 items!

Our furniture turnaround is pretty rapid, and collected items are often delivered in the same trip.

We have recently started making hygiene packs containing basic toiletries (an idea Social Services confirmed would make a big difference).  On average each month we are donating these to:

  • 15 females
  • 7 males
  • 5 young children

One of the things limiting us is storage space and its distance away.  Our plan is to purchase a 40ft side entry shipping container for temporary storage of donated items.  This will be located near to the van parking, and will be both larger and more convenient than the drive to Hertford.  We will soon be fundraising for this.

As you can see, we are very busy, as the need has greatly increased over the last two years.  Your contribution is highly valued.

Thank you.

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