Datchworth Parish Council

Councillors Contact Details
(Updated May 2018)


Mr Chris Wilkins – Chairman
57 Burnham Green Road
Welwyn, AL6 0NH
01438 798180 – email:

Mrs Viv Marshall – Vice-Chairman
Hoppers End
Bramfield Road
Datchworth, SG3 6RX
01438 813284 – email:

Mr Frank Pearman
Bury Farm
Bury Lane
Datchworth, SG3 6RE
01438 813222 – email:

Mr Tony Charles
School Green Cottage
Hollybush Lane
Datchworth, SG3 6RE
01438 817300 – email:

Mrs Fizzy Chambers
Raffin Green Farm
Raffin Green Lane
Datchworth, SG3 6RL
01438 812353– email:

Mrs Sara Miller
13 Brookbridge Lane
Datchworth, SG3 6SU
01438 817324 – email:

Mr Martin Quarmby
72 Hollybush Lane
Datchworth, SG3 6RE
01438 812959 – email:

Mr Tony Stowe
25 Brookbridge Lane
Datchworth, SG3 6SU
01438 812327 – email:

Mrs Jackie Boakes
7 Coltsfoot Lane
Bulls Green
Datchworth, SG3 6SB
01438 798475 – email:

Mr Malcolm Tebbutt
1 Burnham Close
Burnham Green
Welwyn, AL6 0PE
01438 798686 – email:

Responsibilities and Sub-committees

Finance Committee: Viv Marshall/Chris Wilkins/Martin Quarmby/Malcolm Tebbutt

Planning: Viv Marshall/Tony Charles/Frank Pearman/Jackie Boakes/Martin Quarmby

Highways/Transport/Road Safety: Tony Stowe/Malcolm Tebbutt

Play Areas and Equipment: Viv Marshall/Martin Quarmby/Jackie Boakes

Leisure Plots & Grass Cutting: Frank Pearman

Trees, Shrubs and Open Spaces: Fizzy Chambers/Frank Pearman

Village Hall Liaison: Sara Miller

Burnham Green/Bulls Green Liaison: Chris Wilkins/Malcolm Tebbutt/Jackie Boakes

Sports Club Management Liaison: Chris Wilkins/Tony Charles/Tony Stowe/Martin Quarmby

Rugby Club Liaison: Tony Stowe/Martin Quarmby/[Tony Charles]

Planning Policy Action Group: Tony Charles/Tony Stowe/Chris Wilkins/Fizzy Chambers

Inter-Village Liaison: Chris Wilkins

Parish Paths/Conservation: Viv Marshall

Police/Neighbourhood Watch Liaison: Sara Miller

DPC Website: Tony Charles/Sara Miller/Chris Wilkins

Parish Magazine Liaison: Sara Miller