Councillors and Responsibilities

Datchworth Parish Council

Councillors Contact Details &
Sub-Committees & Delegated Responsibilities

Updated February 2020

Councillors Contact Details

Mrs Viv Marshall – Chair
Hoppers End, Bramfield Road, Datchworth, SG3 6RX
Tel: 01438 813284 – email:

Mrs Jane Dodson (see details below)

Mr Tony Stowe – District Councillor
25 Brookbridge Lane, Datchworth, SG3 6SU
01438 812327 – email:

Mrs Tracy Chapman
Brockswood, 47 Burnham Green Road, Welwyn, AL6 ONL
Tel: 07960 956169 – email:

Mrs Jane Dodson
Hawkins Grange Farm, Hawkins Hall Lane, Datchworth, SG3 6TF
Tel: 07733 237659 – email:

Mrs Emma Norman
42 Bury Lane, Datchworth, SG3 6ST
Tel: 01438-811166 – email:

Mr Charlie Groves
11 Hawkins Hall Lane, Datchworth, SG3 6TF
Tel: 07552 374330 – email:

Mr Frank Pearman
Bury Farm, Bury Lane, Datchworth, SG3 6RE
01438 813222 – email:

Mrs Jackie Boakes
7 Coltsfoot Lane, Bulls Green, Datchworth, SG3 6SB
01438 798475 – email:

Mr James Garrod
3 Raffin Close, Datchworth, SG3 6TD
07585-873123  – email:

Mrs Natasha Burton
6 Meadow Close, Datchworth, SG3 6RH


HR Committee (Employment, Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Policies, Memberships)
Cllrs. J. Dodson (Chair), V. Marshall & T. Chapman, T. Stowe, N. Burton  

Finance Committee:
Cllrs. J Dodson (Chair) V. Marshall, F. Pearman & J. Garrod

Burnham Green & Joint Management (including Inter-Village Liaison):
Cllrs. T Chapman & J Boakes

Delegated Responsibilities

Sports/Rugby Clubs & Village Hall Liaison:
Cllrs. T. Stowe, V. Marshall  & 1 vacancy to be filled

Highways/Transport/Road Safety:
Cllr. C. Groves

Outdoor Pursuits
– Play Areas & Equipment
   Cllrs. Chapman, V. Marshall & E. Norman, J. Garrod
– Leisure Plots & DIY
   Cllr. C. Groves
– Grass/Trees/Parish Paths
   Cllrs. F. Pearman & J. Boakes

Police/Neighbourhood Watch
Cllr. J. Boakes

Website/Social Media Communications & Community Engagement & Magazine (COMMS)
Cllrs. Chapman (Chair), E. Norman & J. Dodson




Information & News